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Are you thinking of planning a photo shoot for your Quinceañera or your Sweet Sixteen?

Are you thinking of planning a photo shoot for your Quinceañera or your Sweet Sixteen?

The day that you have been waiting for is coming up, and you want it to be the best day of your life, but you have no idea where to start… so I will give you some tips to help you plan your special day!

-Reserve the event

Many photographers need to be booked a month, or even a year in advance for sessions and events. That is why it is very important to plan at least one year in advance so that you can hire your favorite photographer, and reserve a special place for the day of your party.

-Find inspiration

In these times, it is very easy to find inspiration on social networks including pinterest, or even google. You can easily go to google and find what style you would like for your special day. Not only that, but you can also find inspiration for the place and dress that you would like to wear. The dress and the place you choose determine whether your pictures will be taken indoors or outdoors. 

In order for your sweet sixteen or quinceañera pictures to come out amazing, you must think hard about how you want to pose. Here are some tips on how to pose: practice in front of your mirror a few days before the session. You must also know which is your best angle, and what your favorite poses are. The more you practice, the easier it will be to pose during the session.

-The most important thing is a DIVA attitude

A lot of what makes your photos look amazing is how you feel when you take the photos. So if you are comfortable and happy, your pictures will come out much better. In order to feel comfortable, you should be able to be friends with your photographer. When you hire them, research their work, and see how their personality fits with yours. Make sure that you like their style and photos. It is very important to get along with them - you want to make sure you like them, as they will be around you for most of your big day. 

-Take your time to be Beautiful

Makeup is very important for the photoshoot. If you are not one of those girls who likes makeup, then you can at least use lipstick and mascara to slightly enhance your features. The best advice from a photographer is to look for professionals when it comes to hair and makeup, so that you look spectacular in your photos. You must also be very careful with the dress and shoes, and do not forget small details such as a manicure and pedicure… all these details have to be perfect for that long-awaited day. 

Organize everything in advance, and prepare one hour ahead of schedule (there could always be unforeseen events). 

All of these tips will help you to remember this very important day in a young girl’s life forever, not only through the photos, but through the fun experiences and memories that will be made on this special day. 

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